21C Field Trip!

GIFs Final Statment

I first started working out the Appropriation GIF and based it off the TV show Mad Men. I fooled around with matching the colors to the original logo but then thought it would be best to just make the image black and white so that it wouldn’t match the original logo too closely but you could still get a sense of the idea. Then I wanted to change the actual logo to say “Mad Man” so that it refers…

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Sound Art Design Statement

Sound Art Design Statement

I was very intimidated by this project at first. But I found that it was a lot easier if I just thought of the different types of sounds that I hear on a daily basis and to distinguish which ones I wanted to explore more and which one I found extremely annoying. The interesting thing about that is that in my final piece I used sounds that were pleasing, and sounds that were not. Some that were…

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